Healthcare and Benefits for Toddlers and Young Children

Find out about the healthcare and child benefits options for those living in Hong Kong with young children...

The Department of Health deals with the medical side of life including toddler health in Hong Kong. This is implemented via the Family Health Service, which oversees a whole range of requirements for babies and young children from birth to five years and women up to 64 years of age. A high standard of care is provided and Hong Kong is proud of its very low infant and maternal mortality rates.

The Service is physically operated through 31 Maternal and Child Health Centres (MCHCs) and 3 Woman Health Centres (WHCs). Immunisation, as well as health and developmental surveillance including physical examination, growth and developmental monitoring, and hearing and vision screening are available at these centres for babies and children.

  • The current recommended immunisation programme for children is detailed on the Family Health Service website: Click here
  • For more information on the Child Health Centres: Click here

For treatment of minor illnesses, families should visit their local doctor and for emergencies the nearest hospital.

Child Benefit and Other State Benefits

The Social Welfare Department (SWD) is the Government body responsible for implementing social welfare policy and for developing and maintaining social welfare services. This includes social security benefits. These are not generous in Hong Kong but there are payments which aim to bring a household income up to a minimum prescribed level.

The Social Welfare Department also oversees various charitable funds for those in severe financial difficulty.

Childcare fees may be fully or partially reimbursed for families in difficulty. Again this is done via the SWD and application details can be found on the website.

Child benefit does exist in Hong Kong but it is part of the range of family benefits, and is not an automatic right when a child is born. The benefit is payable for children younger than age 15 (or up to 21 if in full-time education). To qualify for any benefit applicants are means tested on their income and assets. The income and assets of others in the household are also taken into consideration. It does not take a great deal of income or assets before benefit will be denied. Application should be made via the SWD by anyone who feels they may qualify.