International Schools in Hong Kong

Find out about the international schools and the different curricula available for expat children in Hong Kong...

For anyone planning only a short stay in Hong Kong international schools may prove the best choice. The government actively welcomes international schools and there are currently over 50 in Hong Kong.

International schools allow for children to continue their education along similar lines to those they would have followed in their country of origin. At English-speaking international schools (British, American, Australian and so on) teaching is generally in English and students rarely sit the Hong Kong public exams. Instead they sit English GCSEs or A levels, International Baccalaureates or US SATs. But this need not prevent them gaining entry to a university in Hong Kong.

Each school has its own admissions policy, application requirements and deadlines but all usually require students to sit an entrance examination or at least to provide reports from their last place of study. Medical histories and vaccination records are also required by many schools.

It is advisable for future residents of Hong Kong to book places for their children in an international school before arrival in Hong Kong.

Further Information

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