School Holidays

Information about the school calendar: the dates when the schools in Hong Kong close for vacation...

Hong Kong schools have a number of breaks for vacations, as well as public holidays. Dates vary from year to year. There is also some variation between districts and between government schools and international schools. Private schools may also have slightly different dates; for detailed calendars, check with the relevant school in question.

The Hong Kong English Schools Foundation school year starts in late August and consists of three, three-month terms, with the school year ending in late June. These holidays are inclusive of:

  • a one-week half-term holiday in the autumn term (October/November)
  • a three-week holiday at Christmas (December and January)
  • a one-week half-term holiday in the spring term (February)
  • a two-week holiday for Easter (March/April)
  • a six-week break at the end of the school year (end of June)

International schools generally post term dates on their websites. For further information on International Schools in Hong Kong, visit the Business Directory:

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