Avian Influenza: The H5N1 Bird Flu Virus in Hong Kong

Information on the health and risk situation in Hong Kong with links to government sources of information…

Cases of avian flu in humans have been noted since 1997 in Hong Kong and Asia. The H5N1 bird flu virus is transmitted from infected birds to humans. It is not yet known whether this type of flu can develop a strain that will lead to human-to-human transmission.

Current Information from the Hong Kong Government

Up to date information is available from the Centre for Health Protection.

In 2007, the government introduced legislation banning the keeping of backyard poultry in order to protect public health.

Members of the public were forbidden to bring live birds into the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In addition, the public was advised to:

  • Not visit poultry farms or markets
  • Avoid contact with dead or live poultry
  • Wash their hands frequently with soap and water