General Practice and Finding a Doctor

Information on how to find a general practitioner or medical specialist…

In Hong Kong general practice is referred to as family medicine. As in many countries its role is to provide primary, continuing and comprehensive care in a patient's community. Family doctors are also responsible for coordinating care by other healthcare professionals.

People can choose to register with any family doctor in Hong Kong. Many people choose to visit a private family doctor. The Department of Health runs a Primary Care Directory to help people choose a family doctor or other primary care provider based on their needs and preferences.

  • For information and to access the Primary Care Directory, visit the Department of Health's website
  • An app can also be downloaded from the same site allowing users to find a local primary care provider and location maps

The Hong Kong Medical Association maintains a webpage which allows people to search for a registered doctor of any speciality. Information includes their details, how to contact them, the languages they speak and the times they are available. Many clinics and practices have English speaking doctors.

It is usually easy, particularly in the private sector, to find an English speaking doctor. Many doctors in Hong Kong completed their training in the west. It should be noted though that these doctors often charge more for their services than those who are equally competent but who gained their qualifications locally.