Hospitals and Pharmacies

Understand what costs to expect if you are hospitalised or prescribed medication and how to find your nearest pharmacy in Hong Kong…

There are currently 41 public and 11 private hospitals in Hong Kong. Government hospitals are managed by the Hospital Authority. They provide treatment through hospitals, day hospitals, outpatient clinics, specialist clinics, Chinese medicine services and community outreach services. These services are organised into seven geographic clusters around Hong Kong and provide subsidised medical care. The cluster system ensures that continuity of care is possible in each region so that patients can receive care close to home.

  • The Hospital Authority has more information on the location of the clusters and the hospital services available in each region

Accident and emergency services are provided by some public hospitals in Hong Kong, but not all. Their mission is to provide acute care to people who have had an accident or are experiencing a medical emergency.

Private hospitals are registered with the Department of Health who insure they meet required standards of care and deal with any complaints or incidents.


It is possible to buy many recognisable western prescription and over-the-counter medicines in pharmacies in Hong Kong. There are pharmacies (Yuek Fong) located all over the city. Very few pharmacies are open 24 hours a day except those in hospitals. Each district has a hospital with a pharmacy and these are the best places to go for prescription medicines or over-the-counter treatments outside of normal opening hours.