Benefits and Disability Allowances

Find out who qualifies for disability benefits and allowances in Hong Kong, and how to apply...

Obtaining benefits of any kind in Hong Kong is not easy. Eligibility for newcomers to Hong Kong may prove difficult. Under normal circumstances a period of seven years' residency is required before benefits are paid.

The Social Welfare Department (SWD) is responsible for all Social Security benefits including those paid to disabled people. State benefits in Hong Kong are not particularly generous and income is usually taken into consideration. Disabled adults and parents with disabled children can inquire about benefits at the SWD website.

  • For specific details of disability allowances and how to qualify: Click here

Adults with disabilities are catered for under the Social Security Allowance Scheme. The Disability Allowance provides a flat-rate payment and is designed for those who suffer a severe disability which essentially means a total loss of earning capacity.

Children with disabilities may receive benefits under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme (CSSA). The usual residency requirement of seven years is waived for under 18s. However, benefits are usually only paid following income and asset assessments of the household and in cases in which the individual is severely disabled.

  • For further information from the Social Welfare Department: Click here