Children with Disabilities

Information about the provision of support for children with disabilities in Hong Kong...

The Department of Health via its Child Assessment Service (CAS) identifies and assesses children with special needs and/or disabilities. Any parent who needs help for a disabled child should contact them for help arranging an assessment and medical evidence of special needs. Children will not be given access to specialist education without their help.

Disabled children are educated within mainstream schools whenever possible. However Hong Kong does have a number of specialist educational establishments which cater for those with more severe disabilities.

  • The SWD website details the facilities available to children with disabilities: Click here

Once children reach school age, the Education Bureau (EDB) largely takes over responsibility for educational services. Admission to special schools begins at age six, and children are currently provided with nine years education. Some students may be allowed to attend for more than nine years at school based on disability and individual needs. If at all possible, students are transferred from special schools to ordinary schools as soon as they no longer require the special facilities and resources. After planned secondary education reforms take effect in 2009, students with disabilities will be provided with 12 years of education and the curriculum will be adapted and revised to suit the needs of individual students.

Places are provided in special schools for those with visual and hearing impairment, physical disabilities, adjustment and behavioural problems. Parents who wish to apply for a place in one of these schools should visit the Education Bureau (EDB) website to find out more about individual schools and their facilities:

The English Schools Foundation (ESF) has its own facilities for those with disabilities; this means a child will stay in an English-speaking environment. The ESF is supported by the Government and charges lower fees than normal private sector schools. Essentially they aim to keep as many children as possible within their mainstream schools. Applicants are assessed by a review panel.

There are private schools with some facilities for those with disabilities. These are all fee-paying. Links to and reviews of many of these schools can be found at:

  • The International Schools Worldwide website: Click here
  • The International Education Media website: Click here

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