Find out about the opportunities and regulations in place for disabled workers in Hong Kong...

Employers are obligated to ensure that disabled employees have equal access to premises and facilities. The EOC website is a useful source of information regarding employer obligations to adapt hours and facilities in the workplace to enable disabled persons to work for them.

  • For information for those with physical disabilities: Click here

The Labour Department is the Government body responsible for providing employers and prospective employees with placement services. It has a dedicated division, the Selective Placement Division, which provides free help to those with disabilities looking for work. It caters to people with visual and hearing problems as well as the physically and mentally disabled, chronically ill and those with a history of mental illness.

  • To find out more about the Selective Placement Division's services: Click here

The SWD runs and oversees a number of programmes to help the disabled into work.

Included in these initiatives are special educational programmes run by the Vocational Training Council (VTC) for those with disabilities. The VTC operates three skills centres and monitors two further centres run by non-governmental organisations. Between them, these centres provide more than 600 full-time training positions (including some with residential facilities). Services are free of charge.

  • For details of these centres and how to access these: Click here