Find out how to adopt a child in Hong Kong...

Expatriates living in Hong Kong wanting to adopt must have spent at least 12 months in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Applicants who are over the age of 25, have been married for at least three years and have sufficient financial means, are likely to have more chance of success with their application than those that do not meet these criteria. 

Applications are handled by the Hong Kong Social and Welfare Department.

  • Find further information from the SWD on adoption procedures in Hong Kong
  • SWD Adoption Unit
    4/F, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong
    Tel: 3595 1935
    Fax: 2851 9189

The Adoptive Families of Hong Kong association has information for those wanting to adopt in Hong Kong, and provides links to useful resources and organisations that can assist in the process.