Postnatal Care in Hong Kong

Find out what support and medical care is available for parents and babies following a birth...

After delivery, all women are provided with post-natal check-ups and advice on family planning and contraception via the government's Maternal and Child Health Centres (MCHCs). The centres also help post-natal mothers by setting up support groups and experience-sharing sessions, as well as providing individual counselling if this is necessary. Details of the fees and charges for these services are available on the Family Health Service. Again eligible women will find that many of these services are provided free of charge.

Many hospitals or MCHCs run weekly baby groups for women with young babies.


The Family Health Service oversees the care of newborn babies and young children. Currently the Hong Kong Department of Health recommends that young children are vaccinated against eleven infectious diseases.

Parents can have their children vaccinated at an MCHC or older children may be vaccinated at school. It is also possible to have vaccinations done by the family doctor or in some circumstances return to the hospital where the birth took place. The government-recommended vaccinations are provided free of charge to all eligible citizens.

Private hospitals and doctors may advise additional vaccines to those which the government recommends. There will be a charge for these.