Gas and Electricity in Hong Kong

Find out how to get connected to Hong Kong gas and electricity suppliers...


There are two main electricity suppliers, Hong Kong Electric Company, which serves Hong Kong and Lamma Island, and China Light and Power (CLP), serving Kowloon, the New Territories and Outlying Islands.

HK Electric: Services to Hong Kong and Lamma Island

  • Hong Kong Electric Company
    : 9/F, Electric Centre, 28 City Garden Road, North Point, Hong Kong
    24-hour Emergency Hotline: 2555 4000
    Customer Services Tel: 2887 3411 (office hours)
    Fax: 2510 7667
  • Information about billing and tariffs: Click here

Single parents, the disabled, unemployed and elderly customers may qualify for a 60 percent discount on the first 200 units of electricity consumed per month under the Concessionary Tariff Scheme and are also exempt from paying the deposit.

How to Connect: Accounts may be opened online, by fax or in person at the Customer Service Centre in North Point. It is necessary to have either Hong Kong ID or passport details. When the account is simply being transferred, just one working day's notice is required. A deposit of an estimated 60 days' consumption is required.

Note: Keep the receipt for the deposit, as it will be necessary for the return of the deposit when the service is transferred or terminated.

How to Pay: Meters are read and bills issued monthly. It is possible to pay by direct debit, credit card, PPS, at ATMs, online or by cheque, either in person at a customer centre or post office, or by post.

Moving or Disconnecting: Notifying HK Electric of a change of address within Hong Kong or terminating the account may be done by completing an online form. Allow at least two working days. Return the deposit receipt either by post (a cheque will be issued within five working days) or at a customer service centre in exchange for cash. The deposit can also be refunded directly into a bank account.

CLP Power: Services to Kowloon, New Territories and Outlying Islands

There are nine CLP Power Customer Service Centres in Kowloon and the New Territories.

How to Connect: It is possible to open an account either online or by going in person to one of the Customer Service Centres. It is necessary to have either HKID or passport details. A deposit of 60 days' estimated usage may be required, and interest will be paid on the deposit.

How to Pay: Bills are issued bi-monthly. CLP offers three ways of e-billing, either by email, fax or SMS. It is also possible to pay either by Autopay, or direct debit, credit card, via the Internet, PPS, at an ATM machine, by post, at a post office or even at any MTR customer service centre.

Moving or Disconnecting: Requests to terminate or change an account must be made at least two working days beforehand. A form for termination of an electricity account can be downloaded from the CLP website. The deposit will be refunded either in cash at a customer service centre, by cheque within five working days or through Electronic Fund Transfer to a bank account.


Towngas supplies 85 percent of households in Hong Kong. There are numerous Customer Service Centres throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. See their website for details.

How to Connect: Accounts may be opened online. Towngas will call back to confirm the account. Documents such as a lease or proof of address will be required – these will be explained during the confirmation call. Otherwise visit the nearest customer service centre with proof of address. If gas is already connected on the premises, report the latest meter reading, which will be the account's initial reading. A deposit is required.

How to Pay: Meter readers make frequent visits, but it is also possible to arrange meter self-reading every month and either fill out an online form or telephone in the reading using their voice recognition system. Bills are sent monthly. There are numerous ways to pay Towngas: by cheque, via the Internet, by phone, at a bank or post office, at a customer service centre or by credit card Autopay.

Moving or Disconnecting: An Account Transfer form in PDF file format can be downloaded from the Towngas website. Two working days' notice is required and a technician will make the final meter reading. The deposit will be applied against any outstanding balance due on the final statement, and any balance refunded by cheque, together with the final statement.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

For areas not serviced by Towngas, delivery of LPG cylinders is available throughout Hong Kong. Suppliers include Shell Gas LPG:

  • Shell Gas LPG
    Emergency Hotline Tel
    : 2322 2000
    Customer Service Tel
    : 2435 2064
  • For a list of other suppliers in Hong Kong: Click here (PDF)