Food and drink in Hong Kong

Understand the importance of food in Hong Kong culture...

As a multicultural city with strong traditions, Hong Kong has a unique and dynamic dining scene. The dominant cuisine is Cantonese, which hails from the Guangdong province of China, while there are plenty of authentic dining options featuring international cuisine throughout Hong Kong. Popular Cantonese dishes include dim sum and barbecued roast pork.

Typically Cantone's dishes feature meat, poultry and seafood, with rice and noodles as the main carbohydrates. There is also a prominent use of preserved and dried ingredients, from fish and seafood to preserved and pickled vegetables.

There is a strong sharing culture in Cantonese restaurants, with large dishes often ordered to be eaten among a group. Chopsticks are the preferred utensil, often accompanied by Chinese soup spoons (ceramic utensils with a stout handle).