Markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's markets sell everything from fresh meat and vegetables to electronics and clothing

Hong Kong has a huge variety of markets selling everything from clothes, trinkets, gifts to electronic items and handbags. Traditional wet markets sell food, seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Markets in Hong Kong

Jardine's Bazaar: This street market has existed since the early days of the colony and is the unofficial miniature version of Ladies' Market in Kowloon. The market's convenient location makes it popular with the locals. There are good deals on women's clothing and other accessories; there are stalls selling herbs and provisions.

  • Jardine's Bazaar
    At: Causeway Bay, adjacent to MTR Exit F
    Open: 11:00-21:00

Stanley Market: Stanley Market is packed with stalls selling Chinese artwork, curios, silk collectibles, food, crockery, household accessories and Hong Kong-style "outlet" shopping. It is popular with tourists and good for gift shopping.

    • Stanley Market
      At: Stanley Market Road, Stanley
      Open: 09:00-18:00

    Markets in Kowloon

    Ladies' Market: Considered a tourist trap, the Ladies' Market sells bargain clothing and accessories including handbags, fake designer goods, sunglasses, jewellery, linen for the home, as well as some fruit and vegetables. In spite of its name, there are items for men as well.

    • Ladies' Market
      At: Tung Choi Street, Mongkok
      Opens: 10:00-21:00

    Goldfish Market: Aquariums, ornamental and tropical fish are sold at the Goldfish Market. Goldfish are a popular symbol of good fortune in Hong Kong.

    • Goldfish Market
      At: Tung Choi Street, Mongkok
      Open: 10:00-21:00

    Flower Market: The flower market sells a variety of fresh cut flowers and plants; carnivorous plants, bamboo and potted plants. During the weekend, there is a bigger selection of exotic plants and orchids on sale. Shops in the area also sell vases and flower arranging equipment.

    • Flower Market
      At: Flower Market Road, Mongkok
      Open: 07:00-19:30

    Temple Street Night Market: Probably the most famous market in the area, it begins in the afternoon but comes alive after dark, and Cantonese opera can be heard in the evenings. Clothes, household goods, CDs, and jewellery are all available from the jam-packed stalls. The fish and seafood stalls also sell takeaway snacks. Fortune tellers and herbalists work in the area.

    • Temple Street
      At: Temple Street, Jordan
      Open: 16:00-00:00

    Markets in the New Territories

    Yuen Po Street Bird Garden: This market sells bird-related paraphernalia from custom-made bird cages and bird food to grasshoppers. This market has become less busy since the threat of bird flu.

    • Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
      At: Yuen Po Street, Mongkok
      Open: 07:00-20:00