Bills and Payments

Understand the process of paying bills, by direct debit or by telephone, from your Hong Kong bank account...

Online transfers and telephone banking are options for paying household bills through the banks. The utility companies and the Hong Kong government have accounts into which money can be transferred.

Setting up online transfers and telephone banking usually requires an instruction form and a signature. The process may take from several days to a week.


PPS is a 24-hour bill payment service allowing customers to pay bills by telephone or Internet. The service is free of charge. To open a PPS account, take an ATM or credit card and mobile telephone number to a PPS registration terminal. These can be found throughout the Hong Kong region.

At the terminal, registering is simple:

  • Press "Open Account"
  • Swipe the ATM card
  • Choose the appropriate debit account
  • Type in the usual ATM PIN number
  • Create a five-digit telephone password (even if the user only wants an Internet account, it is necessary to create a telephone password first)
  • Create an eight-digit Internet password (if required)
  • A receipt will be delivered

The terminals cannot be used for transactions.

Note: If the PPS account has not been used for 18 months it will be automatically deleted.