Lost or Stolen Bank Cards, Credit Cards, Cheques and Mobile Telephones

What to do and who to call if your bank cards or telephones are lost or stolen in Hong Kong...

Lost or Stolen Bank or Credit Cards

Theft or loss of a credit card should be immediately reported to the credit card company and a report should be made to the police department: Emergency numbers for the major card issuers (for other banks check with the credit card's issuing bank for a 24-hour hotline):
Issuing Bank Contact
American Express Tel: 2811 6122 Website
Bank of China Tel: 2691 2323/  2544 2222 Website
Citibank Hong Kong Tel: 2860 0333 Press 2 for English Website
HSBC Premier credit card holders Tel: 275 6781 Tel: 2748 4900 Website
Hang Seng Bank Tel: 2836 0838 Website

Lost or Stolen Mobile Telephones

In the event a mobile telephone is lost or stolen, many mobile telephone providers offer Auto Phonebook Back-Up services, ensuring that all stored data may be retrieved. The loss or theft of a mobile cell phone must be reported to the service provider. They will need the IMEI number or details of the SIM card. The service will be suspended and the telephone blocked making it impossible for anyone else to use it, and the phone may be traced. The owner is responsible for payment of any calls made until the SIM is blocked unless they have taken out insurance with the supplier. All mobile phones have a unique code, the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code. This belongs to the handset and is associated with a card, the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card, which holds the telephone number assigned to a customer.
  • A SIM card. Holds the telephone number and memory. Access can be protected by personalising the card with a 4-digit PIN number
  • An IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This is a mobile telephone's unique identification number
The IMEI number provides protection if a phone is lost or stolen. The IMEI code is clearly shown on the paperwork at time of purchase. Note it down and keep it separate from the mobile. Or to find the IMEI number, enter: *#06# on the keypad.
Supplier Contact
PCCW Tel: 1000 Website
SmarTone 24-hour hotline Tel: 2880 2688 Website
CSL hotline Tel: 2512 3123 Website
1010 hotline Tel: 2888 1010 Website