General Taxes in Hong Kong

Information on taxes in Hong Kong: general taxation on income, how it's calculated, when to pay tax, what exemptions there are and more...

The taxation system is administered by The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

Hong Kong is a tax haven, which only taxes Hong Kong sourced income that falls within specified types of income – namely, salaries, property and profits. Capital gains, gifts, inheritances and social security are not taxed in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong does not tax capital gains and does not impose VAT or Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Taxpayers are taxed individually, though joint assessment is available for married people if beneficial. In addition, salaries, property and profits tax are usually subject to separate assessment, but can be assessed together if beneficial (called "personal assessment").

  • The Hong Kong Government provides more information on Tax Rates: Click here

Other Taxes

Estate (inheritance) tax was abolished in early 2006 and there are no wealth or gift taxes.

Investment Income (interest and dividend income)

Hong Kong does not generally tax interest or dividend income. However, rent from a Hong Kong rental property is subject to tax at 16 percent, with a statutory allowance for repairs and maintenance of 20 percent. Rent from properties outside Hong Kong is not subject to Hong Kong tax.


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