Tax Procedure and Timetable in Hong Kong

Information about the tax year and filing your tax return in Hong Kong...

The Hong Kong tax year is 1 April to 31 March.

Tax reporting must be done on the specific tax return issued by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), as this has a unique bar code. Income tax returns are typically mailed to taxpayers in early May and must be returned within one month after the issue date, although a time extension may be requested.

The IRD then reviews the tax return and issues an assessment approximately two months later. The assessment will indicate the tax for the current tax year and will include provisional tax for the next year – with the provisional tax usually being 100 percent of the tax for the current year. All assessments should be reviewed immediately to ensure they are correct because assessments are considered "final" if the taxpayer does not object within one month. It can be very costly if a taxpayer does not object in time as there is no way to undo a final assessment.

Tax is payable according to the assessment and likely will be payable early in the following year in two instalments.

Saving for tax

Hong Kong does not require withholding on employment income, so taxpayers need to pay tax in lump sums. In addition, the first instalment of tax will usually include provisional tax for the next tax year, so the tax due is typically double what most taxpayers expect.

Another option is to buy Tax Reserve Certificates from the IRD. These pay a basic interest rate and they can be used to mirror tax withholding regimes of other countries.

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Provisional tax return

For highly paid individuals who arrive in Hong Kong during a tax year, a provisional tax return may be issued by the IRD and tax paid in advance.

Further Information

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