Quarantine Kennels in Hong Kong

Find out which pets are subject to quarantine on arrival in Hong Kong...

If a quarantine period is required for you pet, it is recommended that the quarantine kennel is booked at least three months in advance.

There are two government quarantine kennels:

  • Hong Kong Animal Management Centre
    At: 688 Victoria Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
    Tel: 2551 8586
  • Kowloon Animal Management Centre
    : 102 Sung Wong Toi Road, Tokawawan, Kowloon
    Tel: 2362 4147

Pets are subject to a minimum of four month's quarantine if arriving from a Group III country which includes Mainland China.

Disability Assistance Dogs

Disability Assistance Dogs, such as guide dogs, are exempt from quarantine and the requirement of six months' residency in the country of export on the basis of one blood test for the rabies antibody. This applies to dogs coming from all groups of countries.

Find comprehensive information on importing a disability assistance dog (DAD) to Hong Kong