Bus Services in Hong Kong

Information about the bus transport system in Hong Kong, the Octopus travel card and public light buses...

Octopus Cards

Passengers using public transport in Hong Kong can buy an Octopus Card, an electronic ticketing system with a built-in microchip containing fare information. The cards are available at various locations including Mass Transit Railway (MTR) stations. Octopus Cards are divided into four types of fares: adults, the elderly, students and children.

To use an Octopus card, hold the card above the electronic readers at the station barriers before departure and again upon arrival. The amount will then be deducted from the card.

Octopus Cards work like cash and are also accepted at some stores, car parks, recreational facilities, on-street parking meters, public pay phones and vending machines.

Hong Kong Bus Services

Bus services in Hong Kong include double-decker and single-level buses. Buses run from approximately 06:00 until midnight; night bus services are marked with an "N". Double-decker buses display the destination in English and a bus number. An Octopus Card or the exact bus fare is required when getting onto buses as there is no change given.

Note: No animals are accepted on public transport in Hong Kong except for guide dogs.

The Kowloon Motor Bus, New World First Bus and Citybus operate routes on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

New Lantao Bus serves Lantau Island and Long Win Bus provides service to north Lantau and the airport.

  • New Lantao Bus
    Tel: 2984 9848
  • Long Win Bus
    At: Ground Transportation Centre Bus Terminus, Hong Kong International Airport
    Tel: 2261 2791

Public Light Buses

The Hong Kong Transport Department also licenses Public Light Buses. These are 16-seater minibuses serving routes that are not serviced by the public bus companies. Red-roofed minibus routes are not always fixed, allowing passengers to get on and off anywhere except where special prohibitions apply. Passengers pay cash (the exact amount is not necessary as the drivers will provide change) when getting off.

Green-roofed minibuses have fixed routes and fixed fares. Operating times can vary. Passengers pay when boarding the bus either with the exact change or with an Octopus Card. To get off the bus it is necessary to shout out to the bus driver, so being able to speak some Cantonese does help.


With the exception of the red-roofed minibuses, buses require exact fares as no change is given. The other method of payment is with an Octopus Card.

Ticket Validation: There is no ticket validation system for buses and trams. However, the Octopus Card reader on the buses and trams will validate cards.