Insuring a Vehicle in Hong Kong

Information on the different types of car insurance available in Hong Kong, plus details on premiums, claims and how to insure a foreign car…

By law, all motorists must have at least third party insurance. Documents should be carried in the vehicle and produced if asked for by a police officer.  Note that not taking out compulsory third party insurance cover may be punished by a fine, temporary withdrawal of licence and possible imprisonment for one to three years.

Car Insurance

As in most countries, there is a range of policies:

  • Third party liability insurance, the minimum cover required by law, which covers liability to others in the event of injury and/or property damage
  • Comprehensive insurance, which covers third party liability and repair costs to the vehicle in the event of an accident
  • Third party, fire and theft is less common but may also be available

There are many companies and brokers offering motoring insurance.

Insurance premiums in Hong Kong are based on a number of factors, such as the make and model of car, its power and age, and the age and driving history of the driver. Some companies have vary their premiums according to the age, gender and place of residence of the driver.

The auto insurance industry in Hong Kong uses the No-Claims Discount (NCD) system. A 20 percent discount can be earned after one year of no claims, which increases by 10 percent each year up to a maximum of 60 percent.

The following documents are required to get insurance:

  • The completed proposal form (including cheque or credit card details)
  • A copy of the vehicle registration document
  • Proof of identity of all drivers (Hong Kong Identity Card or passport)
  • A copy of the driving licence of all drivers
  • Proof of no claims discount (if applicable)

To cancel vehicle insurance, check your contract terms and inform the insurance company.

In the Event of an Accident

In the event of a minor accident fill out an Accident Report Form, which should be provided by the insurer when the policy is taken out. All claims should be reported to the insurance company within one week.

The accident report should contain the following details:

  • date and place of the accident
  • information on all vehicles involved: make, model numbers and registration numbers
  • information on all drivers involved: full names, addresses, driving licence details (number, category, date and place of issue)
  • details of insurers and policies of all drivers
  • witnesses: names and addresses
  • details of any injuries
  • an explanation of the accident including details of damage caused, with photographs or a sketch

With third-party-only cover the claimant must deal with the other insurance company themselves. If the cover is comprehensive, the insurance company will pay the claim and deal directly with the other insurance company.

After the accident, a garage will provide a repair quotation to be presented to the insurance company. They may send a loss adjuster, but the vehicle will still be repaired to the correct specifications.

Further Information