Vehicle Roadworthiness in Hong Kong

All vehicles must undergo regular inspection revisions by official test centres. This inspection (like the MOT test) is to ensure the car is legal and roadworthy, with safe emissions. Find out where and how to get a car tested...

According to Hong Kong government transport regulations, all passenger vehicles over six years old are required to take a Certificate of Roadworthiness Examination (COR) every year at a designated Car Testing Centre.

The roadworthiness test is intended to check general car safety and the level of emissions. It includes checks on:

  • brakes
  • the fuel system
  • lights
  • steering
  • suspension
  • tyres and wheels
  • emissions
  • The Transport Department has further information on vehicle examinations

Taking the Vehicle Roadworthiness Test

There are a number of privately-owned car testing centres licensed to undertake vehicle examinations. Some test centres are open in the evening, on Sundays or on public holidays.

Contact the Vehicle Safety and Standards Division for details of authorised car testing centres:

  • Vehicle Safety and Standards Division
    At: Room 3402, 34/F Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    Tel: 2829 5466
    Fax: 2802 7533
  • The Transport Department has a list of government vehicle examination centres (Scroll down to section 2.2)
  • For all enquiries relating to vehicle examinations Tel: 2829 5466

Appointments may be made up to four months before the test due date. A Vehicle Examination Appointment letter will be sent confirming appointment time, date and proof that the examination fee has been paid.

To take the test, the car, registration documents (or certified photocopies) and vehicle examination appointment letter should be taken to the appropriate test centre at least 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment. The driver must remain in the vehicle during the test.

Passing the test

If the vehicle passes its test, the Certificate of Roadworthiness (COR) will be issued. This is valid for one year.

Failing the test

If the vehicle fails the test a Vehicle Repair Order will be issued. An appointment to retest the vehicle may be made within 14 days at the same centre. A re-check fee will be charged unless the failed item is classified as "Defect will not be subject to re-examination fee" and as long as the test is carried out within 14 days of the first examination. After 14 days, the person will have to pay a full re-examination fee.

Further Information