Bringing Up Babies, Toddlers and Children in Hungary

Everything for parents with young children living in Hungary: with information on health matters, child benefits and childcare...

Hungary offers many facilities for toddlers; playgrounds are plentiful, as are programmes and activities. Most restaurants welcome toddlers and provide high chairs and child menus, some also have playrooms.

Child Benefit

In Hungary, Family Allowance (Családi pótlék) is a fixed amount per child. Recipients are long-term residents, migrant workers, those entitled to free movement and stay, refugees and guardians. It is paid to all parents of children aged 0 to 18, or up to the age of 23 if the child is in full-time education.

  • To download a Family Allowance claim form (PDF): Click here

Parents may be entitled to other benefits depending on their situation and the number of children in the family. Claims should be submitted to the employer, the National Health Insurance or Hungarian State Treasury.

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