Activities for Toddlers in Hungary

Find out about the activities available to parents and their children in Hungary...

Play groups (játszócsoport) are organised by crèches or community centres. There are also mother and baby groups (baba mama klub), as well as singing and movement classes for pre-schoolers at church halls and community centres. Groups for children who are less than two years old are usually held in the morning, and groups for kindergarten age children are usually in the evening.

Ringató is a singing class based on the Kodály method, while Csiri-biri torna is music-based gymnastics for children. Zenebölcsi is a music and singing activity for children under three years old. There are also baby swimming classes, mother and baby yoga classes and baby language classes.

To find out about children's activities, parents can ask their health visitor (védőnő), and advertisements can usually be found at the local paediatric surgery. Local newspapers list programmes at community centres and church halls.

There are numerous clean, safe playgrounds in Hungary, most of which, but not all, comply with European Union safety standards. Most are fenced in, while some have toilets and baby changing stations.

There are plenty of play centres (játszóház) in Budapest and bigger cities in Hungary. Most include soft play areas, slides, toys, and bouncy castles, while some offer dressing-up and craft activities. Many play centres also host birthday parties.

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