The Ceremony

Find out about the marriage ceremony and what to expect when having your wedding in Hungary...

There is no charge to get married, but there is a fee for renting the registrar's hall, and there are additional charges for music, decoration and champagne.

The ceremony is tailored to the couple's wishes and is discussed with the registrar who will marry them: if they want a short ceremony then it can be just one sentence: "Do you wish to marry this person?" Normally the ceremony is around 30 minutes, and depending on the registrar's practice and the couple's wish it might include a short speech, a poem, and greeting the parents of the bride and the groom. Usually the couple exchange rings, kiss and drink champagne during the ceremony.

It is the responsibility of the couple to arrange for a translator to be present if necessary. Anybody who has a qualification in the relevant language (for example an, examination certificate) may be the translator.

The couple should also bring two witnesses, who sign the register.

Religious ceremonies are separate and they only require what the given church usually does, as the religious ceremonies are not legally binding.

Some couples choose to marry in their own country where the paperwork is easier and only to have a symbolic wedding in Hungary.