Animal Organisations in Hungary

Information about animal organisations in Hungary and how to find an animal shelter or rescue centre...

The Hungarian Animal and Environment Protection Federation is an umbrella organisation coordinating another 50 sub-organisations, including associations and shelters.

There is no dedicated official organisation dealing with the mistreatment of animals in Hungary. However, since 2011 the National Police Department is in close cooperation with some associations, which are specially licensed and regarded as animal police.

For more information or to report animal mistreatment, contact one of the following organisations:

Animal Shelters and Rescue Centres

Animals are available for adoption from the many animal shelters and rescue centres all around Hungary.

The Seeking an Owner website (gazdit keresek) has information and contact details of rescue centres and animal shelters throughout Hungary.

  • Gazditkeresek has a comprehensive list of shelters by county (in Hungarian)

Most shelters ask for a signed contract when adopting an animal, therefore proof of identity and proof of address is required.

Cats and dogs are usually vaccinated and sterilised before adoption, although this may not always be the case. Normally there are no costs involved with adopting pets, but donations are always welcome.