Enrolling in a School in Hungary

Information on the school enrolment procedure in Hungary...

Enrolment takes place in March and the school year starts in September. Schools and kindergartens usually have open days in the spring prior to enrolment. Parents may choose whichever school they want, but the school decides who is accepted. Children who live in the designated area of the school have priority, and some church schools also require a baptism certificate and regular church attendance.

A family who arrives mid-term should contact their chosen school as most schools do accept students mid-term. Schools usually require the child's latest report card with an official translation.

The following documents (of the child) are required for enrolment:

  • Health insurance card
  • Birth certificate
  • Address card
  • Kindergarten teacher’s report
  • Fee for the child's student card
  • Completed application for free schoolbooks, if needed


There are mandatory vaccinations in Hungary, and school-age children receive their vaccinations at school. Vaccinations are required for school enrolment, and parents who refuse mandatory vaccines for their children are prosecuted.