Children With Special Needs

Understand what kind of assistance is available for children with special needs in the Hungarian school system...

Parents of children with special educational needs should consult the Educational Counselling Service. Local schools can provide contact details. The role of the service, in addition to diagnostics and counselling, is to provide therapy and family care.

If the child has specific educational needs or is struggling with adaptive, learning or behavioural difficulties an education rehabilitation committee is consulted. The Committee can either recommend that the student is placed in a specialised class or institution, or propose integration into mainstream education. According to the Act on Equal Opportunities, parents have the right to be involved in any decisions that are made.

There are some schools which cater specifically for children with special needs. While some mainstream schools integrate children with special needs, only a few state schools are wheelchair accessible, for example. Children with special educational needs may start elementary school at the age of 8 at the latest.

Family allowance

Families of children with special needs (sajátos nevelési igényű) are eligible for a higher family allowance. Currently, the parents of a child with special needs receive about HUF 40,000 per month in Budapest, but this amount might change. There is state support for medicine, parking permits and accessibility, but parents should contact their local Directorate of Treasury to find out what benefits are available to them.

  • To apply for a higher family allowance, contact the Hungarian State Treasury (Magyar Államkincstár Regionális Igazgatóság)