The School Year

Find out about school holidays and the timings of the academic year and school day in Hungary...

The school year in Hungary is 40 weeks (180 school days) in duration; it starts in September and finishes in mid-June for the whole country. It consists of two semesters, autumn and spring, and students receive reports at the end of each semester.

The summer vacation period is somewhat longer in comparison to many other western European countries, as Hungary has traditionally been an agricultural country which meant that children would help their parents in the fields until harvesting.

School Holidays

School holidays in Hungary are defined centrally by the Ministry of Human Resources and are the same for all schools. The holidays are generally held as follows:

  • Start of the school year – first working day in September
  • Autumn holiday –  end of October/beginning of November, includes 1 November (All Soul’s Day), duration 1 week
  • Winter holiday – end of December, includes Christmas public holiday, duration 2 weeks
  • Spring holiday – includes Easter public holiday, duration 1 week
  • Summer holiday – last school day is around mid-June, duration 11-12 weeks.

The exact dates of official school holidays can be found on the governmental website for education, which is updated regularly.

The School Week

The school day usually starts at 07:45 and finishes at about 13:30. Some schools do not finish until 16:00. Under the proposed education changes, all children will have to stay in school until at least 16:00.