Living With Teenagers in Hungary

Helpful resources for young people on healthcare, laws, schooling, working, connecting and having a good time...

It's important that teenagers and their parents are aware of laws regarding young people in Hungary as they may differ from their home country. You can find this information here, as well as details of the educational and leisure activities available for young people.

In Hungary, the age of consent is 14. However, the minimum legal age for drinking alcohol, smoking, voting, getting married, and having an abortion without parental consent is 18. To get married at 16, the permission of the social services department is required.

  • KamaszPanasz (in Hungarian) has comprehensive information for teenagers
  • Kék-Vonal is a national organisation which helps children, teens and parents. It also has a 24-hour help line 
    • Tel: 116 111

Youth Organisations

There are community centres (kultúrház, m?vel?dési ház) which organise youth clubs and activities. Most run several after-school activities, for example movement and art classes.