Health Insurance in Hungary

Find out about the National Health Insurance (OEP) scheme and the documents required…

Hungary provides full medical coverage for residents. Foreigners who are resident and working or studying in Hungary, as well as refugees and their dependants, are considered insured and they are issued with a national health insurance card (TAJ kártya) and a health insurance number (TAJ szám) by the National Health Insurance (OEP). The employer or the further education institute in question should take care of the necessary paperwork, or it can be requested from the OEP customer service department (website in Hungarian).

The following documents are needed to apply for health insurance:

  • ID card (személyi igazolvány) or passport (útlevél)
  • Address card (lakcímkártya)
  • Residency permit (tartózkodási engedély)
  • Proof that the health insurance contribution (egészségbiztosítási járulék) has been paid

If the card has to be reissued because the previous one was lost or damaged a fee must be paid.

Private health insurance

There are also private insurance companies in Hungary which many people use for additional health insurance, and private hospitals are available.

Most state-employed doctors and specialists also have private practices ,which many Hungarians choose in order to receive a better and more comfortable treatment, especially in the case of dental treatment, gynaecology and childbirth. Doctors very often treat their private patients in the state hospitals where they practise.