Finding a Hospital or Doctor

Information on how to find a hospital, general practitioner or medical specialist in Hungary, plus details on medical emergencies and who to contact...


For non-emergency treatment patients should visit the hospital allocated to their area of residence. Not all hospitals offer the same health-care services, however, which can make finding a hospital which offers the required treatment a complex procedure.

  • For an official guide to finding appropriate hospital treatment, visit x tek (in Hungarian)

Information about the availability of healthcare providers can also be found on the Ministry of Health’s information portal Dr.Info, or through its call centre, Tel: (40) 374 636.

Accident and emergency departments

Accident and emergency (A&E) departments in hospitals should only be visited for serious problems. They treat serious injuries or illnesses, such as loss of consciousness, severe pain, chest pain, large cuts and wounds and breathing difficulties. A&E departments are always open; no appointment is needed.

In less severe cases or if in need of necessary medically treatment, patients should see a general practitioner or GP (háziorvos) first. The GP decides whether further specialised out- or inpatient treatment is necessary and will issue a referral.

Outpatient centres (szakrendel?) can be found in each district and town. Referral is not necessary if the treatment relates to dermatology, gynaecology, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology or general surgery.


Residents can choose their GP (háziorvos) and a paediatrician (gyermekorvos) for their children after they receive their health insurance (TAJ) card. Small children and expecting mothers are assigned a health visitor (véd?n?); a nurse specialising in pregnancy and infants.

Emergency centres (orvosi ügyelet) should be contacted at the weekend or at night. Local emergency centres can be found in the Yellow Pages or on the website of the local municipality.


24 hour pharmacies are called Ügyeletes Gyógyszertár/Patika and there are several in every city or town. Some are open every day, whereas others are only open on certain nights. They can be found in the Hungarian Yellow Pages (in Hungarian).

  • To find an up-to-date list of pharmacies on duty from the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service, visit antsz (in Hungarian)
  • To search for a local pharmacy, use the Ministry of Health’s healthcare information portal Dr.Info (in Hungarian)


Most Hungarians choose private dentists, and dental tourism is on the increase in Hungary as dental work costs a fraction of that in western Europe.