Registration of Birth in Hungary

Find out how to register the birth of a newborn baby…

Births are registered at the local municipality’s registry office of the place of birth (anyakönyvi hivatal). Some hospitals will take the documents to the relevant office following the birth and complete the necessary paperwork for the birth certificate, but this should be checked with the hospital concerned. In the event of a home birth, parents should go to their local municipality themselves to register the birth.

In order to register the birth, a marriage certificate is required, proof of identity (passport) and an address card (if available). The marriage certificate must be officially translated into Hungarian; official translations can be obtained from the National Office for Translation and Attestation. If the parents are not married a declaration of recognition of paternity (jegyzokönyv apai elismerésrol) is required if the mother wishes the father's details to appear on the birth certificate.

  • To download the paternity declaration: Click here (PDF) (in Hungarian)

Once all of the documents have been provided, a temporary birth certificate is issued. This certificate does not include information about the child's citizenship.

If one or both parents are foreigners, they should also contact their country's embassy to get the birth registered and to get a passport for their child.

Once the passport has been issued by the embassy/consulate, the parents should return to the municipality’s registry office with an official translation of the baby's passport. A final birth certificate is then issued.