Parental Leave and Maternity Benefits

Find out about maternity and paternity leave, and the benefits available to parents in Hungary...

An employer has to be informed in writing about a pregnancy; thereafter pregnant women have workplace protection.

Women have 24 weeks maternity leave, but are allowed to take up to three years off and receive maternity benefits. For the first six months, a woman receives 70 percent of her previous salary; this support is called Pregnancy and Confinement Benefit (Terhességi-gyermekágyi segély TGYÁS).

For the next eighteen months, until the child’s second birthday, a Child Care Fee (Gyermekgondozási díj GYED) is available. The amount paid is 70 percent of the previous earnings of the parent taking care of the child; however it is capped, and cannot be higher than 70 percent of twice the minimum daily wage.

A benefit called Child Home Care Allowance (Gyermekgondozási segély – GYES) is available for parents or grandparents taking care of a child up to the age of three, although this is a much smaller amount. For those who were unemployed when they gave birth, only GYES is payable.

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There is also a one-off birth benefit called the Birth Grant (Anyasági támogatás).

Fathers are entitled to five days paternity leave, to be taken in the first two months following the birth.

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