The Birth

Find out about the options available to you when the time comes for the birth of your baby, and what to expect in the days following the arrival of your newborn…

Where a woman has chosen a specific obstetrician to monitor her pregnancy, then she will give birth at the hospital where this doctor works. If no specific doctor has been chosen, the woman will give birth at her local hospital, although it is possible to give birth at any state hospital.

Giving birth in Hungary tends to be medicalised; therefore there is always an obstetrician present. An episiotomy and the use of oxytocin are considered normal procedures during delivery.

Many hospitals still have shared labour and delivery wards. A woman in labour is only separated by a curtain from other women; there is no further privacy.

There are, however, a few private hospitals in Hungary (bababarát kórház or "baby-friendly hospitals") which provide a more natural birth experience. Many women also pay for a midwife to accompany them during the birth.

  • For a list of "baby-friendly" hospitals: Click here (in Hungarian)

Home births are tightly regulated in Hungary and are not covered by the national health system. Midwives are not certified to help with a home birth. Regulations are in place to allow midwives to obtain a licence, although no licences have been granted so far.

Only a few hospitals have gentle or alternative birthing rooms with, for example, a double bed, a gym ball for labour, wall-bars, or a big bathtub. Birthing pools are not common. Even if a hospital has a birthing pool, most hospitals only allow them to be used during labour, but not delivery.

There are trained and experienced doulas in Hungary, but not all obstetricians and hospitals allow their presence. A doula's presence at a birth must be clarified beforehand.

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Most hospitals allow only one person in the delivery room, either the father or one helper. Some hospitals may not allow a father to be present at a Caesarean section.

The following documents are needed by the hospital when a woman gives birth:

  • Parents' ID cards or passports
  • Kiskönyv booklet
  • Parents' marriage certificate