Finding a Property

How to go about finding a house or apartment to rent in Hungary, and the types of properties available...

Angloinfo Property has properties for rent in your region.

A useful website for finding property to rent is, which has both private and estate agents' listings.

Hungary's classifieds newspaper (in Hungarian) also advertises properties.

There are estate agents who specialise in the expatriate community. They offer short-term rentals and fully furnished flats, but prices can be high.

Besides real estate listings on websites, in newspapers, and at estate agents, properties are also advertised with "to let" (kiadó) signs in the window.

Types of Property

Most flats and houses come furnished (bútorozott), but usually have old-fashioned and second-hand items. Tenants supply their own kitchen utensils, bedding, etc. Only a few rental properties are equipped with air conditioning and dryers, which are still not common in Hungary.

Unfurnished (bútorozatlan) flats and houses are usually equipped with fridges, built-in kitchens, hobs and sometimes washing machines.