Setting Up Home

Find out how to get power, water and gas turned on: details on the essential domestic services and utilities you'll need for you home in Hungary...

When moving into a new home in Hungary, electricity, gas and water are usually already connected, unless it is a recently built property. When there is a change of owner or tenant, it is their responsibility to inform the utility company of the change in name.


Hungary's standard electricity supply is 220-240 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz. For other equipment, a transformer or adaptor is required unless the appliance has a multi-voltage option. It is therefore fine to use electrical appliances and equipment from one European country in another, but only if the right plug is used.

Many countries across the world use different supplies to those used in Europe. For example, in America, the standard electricity supply is 120 volts, meaning that the two power systems are not compatible. A US appliance in Hungary, and vice versa, can only be used if the appliance is dual rated, or clearly marked with both 120v/60Hz and 240v/50Hz on the nameplate.

Plugs and Sockets

In Hungary, electrical sockets use the standard Type C or Type F plugs.

For appliances with plugs from other countries using the same voltage, an adapter can be used.