Getting Online: Internet in Hungary

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in Hungary...

Most providers offer ADSL (broadband) connection, which requires an existing landline installed either by T-home or Invitel, and the request goes through the landline company. Some providers offer cable Internet.

T-home and UPC provide various packages, which include Internet, landlines and TV channels. Since T-home owns the majority of landlines, they can usually organise a connection in the shortest period of time.

  • T-home
    : 1412, press 2 for English

Invitel provides broadband throughout Hungary, and landline and cable TV in some areas.

  • Invitel
    General information, Tel: 1288, press 5 for English
    Customer service, Tel: 1443
    Fault reporting, Tel: 1445
  • To find an Invitel shop (there are none in Budapest): Click here

An application can be made by telephone. The following information is required in support of an application:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Address
  • A recent utility bill

Internet is generally connected within 15 days, and the contract is sent by mail.

Enternet offers broadband, mobile Internet and cable TV.

  • Enternet
    : (1) 888 2001, press 7 for English

An application can be made by telephone, online or in person. The following information is required in support of an application:

  • ID card or passport
  • A recent utility bill

Connection can take up to a month, but it is usually much faster. To discontinue the service, notify Enternet in writing. It then takes eight days for the service to be discontinued.

Other Internet providers

There are many other Internet service providers, which serve different areas of Hungary.

  • To find a list of Internet providers and a comparison of different packages at a given address: Click here (in Hungarian)