Getting Connected to Landlines in Hungary

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Hungary...

There are several telephone companies in Hungary, but only T-home covers the whole country. UPC covers a substantial part of Budapest, while other providers offer only Internet-based VoIP, so a landline installed by T-com is necessary. Most providers require a one- or two-year contract; otherwise prices are much higher than advertised.


T-home offers several packages combining landline, cable TV, Internet and mobile phone services. They also offer various discounts. Connection is possible via phone, online, or at one of their shops. It takes between one week and one month to get connected.

  • T-home
    : 1412, press 2 for English
    To find the nearest customer service point (T-Pont): Click here. Select a county or Budapest (Válasszon megyét vagy Budapestet) from the drop-down menu. If in Budapest, select the district (Válasszon kerületet) from the menu. Tick Customer Service (Ügyfélszolgálat) and click on Search (Keresés). The search result shows the address, the phone number and the opening times of the nearest shops

The following documents are required to obtain a contract:

  • A passport or a driving licence
  • A recent utility bill or rental contract, which can be submitted later by post


UPC offers several packages combining landline, cable TV, and Internet services.

  • UPC
    : 1221, press 7 for English
    Customer service centres: Click here

It is advisable for a person to check first if services are available at a given address. To find out: Click here and scroll down to Nézze meg, hogy az Ön lakhelyén milyen szolgáltatás(ok) érhet?(k) el!. Fill in the address information: Város (city), Ir. szám (postal code), Utca (street), Házszám (house number), and then click on Search (Keresés).

To apply for a subscription by telephone no documents are required. However, the following information must be provided:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Proof of address
  • Date and place of birth

If an application is made in a customer service centre, the following information is required, supported by the relevant documents:

  • Passport
  • Residency permit if the applicant is not from the EU
  • Proof of address
  • Mother’s name

It takes two days to get connected. To discontinue the service call 1221, or go to a customer service centre. Disconnection takes eight days, and the customer ID number is needed.