Mobile Telephones in Hungary

Find out how to get yourself a mobile cellular phone in Hungary...

The three main mobile telephone providers are Telenor, T-mobile and Vodafone, which all offer pre-paid and subscription services. Various discounts are offered for contracts of a year or longer.


  • Telenor
    : 1220 from their network, or 20 200 0000
    To find a local shop: Click here

The following documents are needed in support of an application:

  • Passport
  • One of the following: ID card, temporary or permanent residence permit, driving licence photocard or EEA registration card

The applicant’s home address (in Hungary) should be included in one of the documents, otherwise another document with the applicant’s home address should be provided.


  • T-mobile
    Monthly plans, Tel: 1430, press 2 for English
    Pre-paid plans Tel: 1777, press 9 for English

To get a pre-paid Domino plan or a monthly subscription, go to a T-Pont shop. The following documents are  needed in support of an application:

  • An address card
  • Either an ID card or a residence permit


  • Vodafone
    : 1270 from their network or (1) 288 1270
    To find a Vodafone shop: Click here. Select the district from the drop-down menu and click on Search (Keresés).

The following documents are needed in support of an application:

  • ID card, passport or driving licence
  • An address card
  • A utility bill which is no older than three months: water, gas, electricity, Internet or landline utility bill, or a bank statement

For applicants with a temporary residence permit, a Hungarian citizen is required to act as a guarantor and sign a form called Kezességi nyilatkozat.

Lost Mobile Telephones

Report a lost mobile telephone personally or in writing to the mobile provider. A customer ID number is needed, which can be found on the bill.