Domestic Water Supply

Understand the water supply system in Hungary and the different providers involved...

There are many water companies in Hungary. To get connected to a water provider, the following information is usually required:

  • Record of meter reading
  • Passport or ID card
  • House purchase contract/rental agreement

The supply can be connected while the new user is out of the country, if a third party is authorised to act for them. A letter of authorisation signed by two witnesses is then required.

Water Bills

Properties in Hungary either have a main meter, or a submeter. When there is a main meter, the bill is paid directly to the water company. If an apartment or a house has a sub water meter, then the water bill is paid either to the building’s management (and is sometimes included in the monthly utility bill), or to a billing company such as Dijbeszed?.

  • Dijbeszed? (submeters: flats and some houses)
    Customer Service, Tel: 13 82 87 05
    Meter reading, Tel: 06 80 20 36 13
  • To find a local customer service centre: Click here

Some flats do not have submeters installed. The building’s management then collects the fee, which is determined either by the number of occupants in the flat or by its size. When there is no submeter, it is advisable to get one installed.

Users are required to read their submeters every other month and report the reading by telephone; the bill is made out accordingly.

Water bills can be paid either by direct debit or together with other household bills (called sárga csekk), which can be paid through an online bank or at the post office. Alternatively, they can be paid using an electronic billing system at Díjnet.

Water Suppliers

  • F?városi Vízm?vek (website in Hungarian)
    : 1134 Budapest, Váci út 23-27
    Tel: 06 40 247 247
  • F?városi Vízm?vek also has a facility for changing the name on a meter. To download the Reporting Change form (PDF): Click here

Water companies outside Budapest