English-language Cinema in Budapest

Information on where and how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies in Budapest and how to book your seat at the cinema...

There are many cinemas in Budapest showing films in their original language with subtitles (feliratos) or dubbed (szinkronizált). Until the 1990s, there were nearly 200 cinemas in Hungarian's capital, today there are just over 120, of which many are multiplex cinemas.

The multiplex cinemas all have several screens and some have VIP seating. The only IMAX cinema in Budapest is Cinema City in the Arena shopping mall. Cinema City also operates a 4DX cinema, which is located in the Westend shopping mall. There are also a number of independent and art-house cinemas, some of which show foreign-language films.

The websites of the multiplex cinema chains have information on films showing, forthcoming films and their trailers.

Film Schedules

Film schedules are listed in newspapers, on the cinema websites or online. The following websites are often used for cinema listings and other event schedules:

  • Pesti EST (Budapest Evening): online and print in Hungarian. The website has an option to search for English screenings: Click here
  • Port.hu: online in Hungarian

Generally the following abbreviations are used in movie schedules:

  • mb. / dub – dubbed
  • f / fel.– with (Hungarian) subtitles
  • orig – original language without subtitles
  • ensub – English subtitles
  • angol - English

Useful Vocabulary

When searching for film screenings, the following Hungarian terms and their translations may be useful:

  • Film címe - movie title
  • Héten vetített filmek - movies this week
  • Filmadatbázis A-Z - movie database A-Z
  • Gyermekfilmek - children's films
  • Eredeti nyelven felirat nélkül - original audio language without subtitles
  • Mozi - cinema
  • Ma - today
  • Holnap - tomorrow


Tickets can be purchased at the cinema itself, online or via mobile application. Tickets purchased online, or by app must be picked up at least 30 minutes prior to screening. Ticket prices may vary according to the day of the week, and even according to the time of day (morning, afternoon or evening).

Most cinemas provide various discounts or package prices, for example family tickets, student tickets and tickets for groups. These kind of discounts are not always available for selection when booking online. For group discounts it is advisable to contact the cinema in advance via telephone or email.

Film Ratings

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) is an independent body that rates films. The official rating is displayed with a circle, which is either empty or with a number, with a dotted line or full line. A dotted circle means that the rating is preliminary; circles with a full line represent the final rating.

The NMIAH classifies films as follows:

  • Green - Universal, for all ages
  • Yellow / 6 - Not recommended below age of 6
  • Yellow / 12 - Not recommended below age of 12
  • Yellow / 16 - Not recommended below age of 16
  • Red / 18 - Not recommended below age of 18
  • Red / X - Restricted below 18, for adults only

For a list of cinemas in Budapest showing English-language films, see the Business Directory: Movies, Cinemas & Films.