Desserts in Hungary

Information about some of Hungary's most popular desserts, cakes and pastries...

Hungary is a country of fine pastries and cakes. Coffee houses and cafés are often the best places to try them and usually have a wide range on offer. Strudels, or rétes, are a long established favourite. Various fillings, including apples, poppy seeds, cherries and cottage cheese are used to stuff the flaky pastry. Other popular desserts include:

  • Eszeteházy torta: a layered cake with walnut cream
  • Rigó Jancsi: a chocolate sponge cake filled with a light chocolate mousse and coated in chocolate
  • Dobos torta: a sponge cake filled with a rich chocolate cream and coated in crunchy caramel
  • Rákóczi Túrós: a cottage cheese cake
  • Krémes: layers of crunchy puff pastry filled with a light vanilla cream
  • Somlói galuska: sponge dumplings served with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and rum
  • Kürtös kalács: a Transylvanian speciality. They are hollow pastry cylinders coated in sugar, cinnamon or walnuts, and are commonly sold at festivals and outdoor events
  • Gesztenye pure: chestnut purée