Fishing in Hungary

Find out about fishing in Hungary and the permits required to fish Hungary's fresh water rivers, canals, lakes and dams...

Hungary has warm, clean waters; the most common fish are bream, carp, catfish, pike and zander. Fishing is popular and there are about 400,000 registered anglers. The most frequented fishing areas are the Danube and Tisza Rivers, as well as the Balaton, Tisza and Velence Lakes. Private fishing lakes are also very popular, while in Hungary's north, there are stretches of river suitable for fly fishing. There are also many other rivers and lakes suitable for fishing. In Budapest, fishing is permitted in certain sections of the Danube River and in the 13 lakes in and around Budapest.

The country's water surface measures about 130.000 ha, of which 70.000 ha is used by anglers and fishing organisations, and 30.000 ha by anglers only. A wide range of water is under environmental protection, but this does not limit angling activities.

  • For a map which shows where fishing is permitted: Click here (in Hungarian)

Fishing Regulations

Fishing is regulated by law in Hungary. Guidelines on best fishing practices in Hungarian waters include:

  • Environmental protection
  • Size limit according to fish type
  • Seasons when fishing is closed
  • Quantitative restrictions
  • Special legislation for children

Polluting lakes and rivers is strictly against the law and any evidence of pollution must be reported to the authorities or owner.

  • The Hungarian National Anglers' Association has further information about the law: Click here

Fishing Licences (State Angling Ticket)

A state angling ticket is valid for one year and is sold by the government; it costs less than ten euros. The ticket is free of charge for youth below the age of 14 and pensioners who are older than 70.

  • For further information about getting a state angling ticket: Click here

Regional licence

A territorial waters' permit is issued by the licencee who has the fishing rights for a specific water area. This could be, for example, a fishing association, company, an individual or the government.


It is compulsory for every angler who has a state angling ticket to document their catch in their logbook, which must then be sent to their fishing association by the end of each year. If this rule is disobeyed, the angler's state angling ticket will not be renewed the following year.

Any fish which is caught which is prohibited and/or does not conform to the size limitation must be immediately recorded in the logbook.

Private water

Fishing in privately-owned and privately-managed water does not conform to any state regulations. There is no need for a state angling ticket. However, regulations of the owner or operator apply.

Fishing Exhibitions

There are two major fishing exhibitions in Budapest:

  • The FeHoVa (Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition) which takes place in mid-February at the Hungexpo
  • The Fishing Show which takes place during October and November

Other regional, fishing-related events are held during the season and are often combined with cooking events, for example, the 'Fishermen Soup Competition'.

Further Information

While a lot of media-related information in Hungary regarding fishing is available in Hungarian only, there are some resources with information about fishing in English: