Property Taxes in Hungary

Find out about the different property taxes due in Hungary...

Land Tax (Telekadó)

A land tax is levied by local authorities on the owner of the land, on one of two bases.

Tax is either charged on the area of land owned, at a maximum rate of HUF 200 per square metre, or on the adjusted fair market value of the land, at a maximum of three percent of that value. The adjusted fair market value is 50 percent of the market value as determined for the purposes of inheritance or gift tax.

Buildings Tax (Építményadó)

Local authorities may also levy buildings tax on one of two bases, similar to the land tax. The maximum is either HUF 1,100 per square metre or 3.6 percent of the adjusted fair market value. If buildings tax is paid, no land tax is levied on the land on which the building stands.

Communal Tax (Magánszemélyek kommunális adója)

This local tax may be levied on private individuals owning land or on the lessees of land that is not owned by private individuals. The maximum annual amount of communal tax, if chargeable, is HUF 17,000 per plot, building or leasing right.

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