Vehicle Taxes in Hungary

Find out about the taxes applicable to car owners in Hungary...

Registration Tax

All cars, motorbikes and caravans are subject to a vehicle registration tax (regisztrációs adó), when the vehicle is purchased or imported. The exact amount depends on the make and the size of the vehicle, as well as the type of engine.

If a new car is bought from a local dealer, then the dealership takes care of all the paperwork.

  • To calculate a vehicle's registration tax: Click here (in Hungarian)

If importing a car from abroad, it is the owner's responsible to take care of the required paperwork, or they must commission an agent. Non-EU citizens have to pay duty as well. Only cars which meet European standards can be imported into Hungary.

When importing a car, the customs office gives the car a provisional customs clearance, which is valid for 20 days. The car must be checked at the technical test station (Közlekedés Felügyelet) and a fee must be paid; the fee depends on the car's specifications. During these 20 days, only cars which satisfy European standards pass the technical test and can then be imported. Clients must pay a cash deposit to the customs office to cover the car's duties and taxes for the 20-day period. When the car has been approved, it must be registered in Hungary and the client must pay the registration tax and return to the customs office to make the final customs clearance.

Road Tax

Road tax (teljesítményadó or súlyadó) must be paid to the local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (okmányiroda) where the car is registered. The amount depends on the car's age and its kilowatt output. There is a 50 percent reduction for hybrid cars, and for cars owned by families with three or more children.

Road tax invoices are issued once a year and the owner has to pay the first instalment by 15 March and the second by 15 September. It is payable by the person who was the registered owner on 1 January in a given year. The local municipality sends out two postal bills (sárga csekk) in the post in March.

  • To calculate road tax: Click here (in Hungarian)