Telephone Numbers in Hungary

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Useful Telephone Numbers

To call internationally from Hungary:
Dial exit code followed by country code and number
Exit code:
00 + country code + telephone number
To call internationally to Hungary:
Dial entry code then Hungarian number
Entry code:
36 + area code + telephone number
Police/Ambulance/Fire Service Tel: 112

Telephone Numbers in Hungary

Hungarian telephone numbers generally have six digits, with the exception of numbers in the capital (Budapest) and mobile phones, which have seven digits.

  • Example 1: Local call in Budapest – 123 4567
  • Example 2: Local call outside of Budapest – 123 456

The area code for Budapest is 1. All other locations within Hungary have a two digit area code. If dialling out of area or to mobile phones, callers must prefix the number with 06, and then the two-digit area code.

  • Example 3: Call from Budapest to Monor (area code 29) – 06 29 234 567
  • Example 4: Call from Monor to Budapest – 06 1 234 5678

Telephone Directories

The Hungarian Yellow Pages are available online in English.

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