Leaving Hungary and Moving On

Find out how to close bank accounts, end contracts for utilities and insurance, export cars, move pets and notify residency officials when leaving Hungary…

When it comes to moving on and leaving Hungary, there are a number of administrative tasks which need to be undertaken in order to ensure a smooth departure.


The local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (Okmányiroda) should be notified of the move with the completion of the “change of address” (lakcímbejelent? lap) form. This document can be found at the local municipality office.

The official identification cards; the ID card (Személyi igazolvány) and address card (lakcímkártya), should be handed in, and residents who received national driving licences will have their original licences returned.


Cars can be taken out of the country without any paperwork and re-registered in the new country of residence. Car insurance should only be terminated when the car is re-registered.

Cars can be also de-registered (Járm? forgalomból átmeneti id?szakra történ? kivonás) in Hungary at the Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (Okmányiroda) and a temporary “Z” number plate (Z rendszámtábla) requested, which allows the owner to drive the car to a new country and re-register it within 30 days. When the car is de-registered the car insurance can be cancelled, and once the temporary registration is issued, new third party insurance is needed.

There is a fee for de-registration and the procedure can take up to 30 days, but if all the required documents are present it can be done within one working day. The requested documents are:

  • The car's number plates
  • ID card or passport
  • Address card
  • Registration card (gépjárm? törzslap)
  • Registration paper (forgalmi igazolvány)
  • Proof of payment of the duty


The National Tax and Custom Administration (Nemzeti Adó és Vámhivatal) should be notified of the move as they are responsible for collecting social security contributions. If a tax refund is due it can be requested via an online form. Note: this form changes every year, including the code. Employers take care of this step.

Self-employed people must return their sole trader licences (vállalkozói igazolvány) to the local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (Okmányiroda) and will need to complete several forms, some of which might not be available until the following year. These forms can be filled in online via the tax office “Általános Nyomtatványkitölt?” software.

Banks and Insurance

All banks at which accounts are held need to be notified of a change of address or account closure in writing or in person. Loans have to be repaid and credit cards returned if the account is to be closed.

All insurance providers; for example home insurance, medical insurance and car insurance providers should be informed of the move. Home insurance policies should be terminated in writing.

Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance Fund (Országos Egészségpénztár) (website in Hungarian) should be notified and the health insurance card (TAJ kártya) returned within 15 days of the move. Schools and employers often help with this step.

Maternity benefits and child allowances have to be cancelled at the Hungarian State Treasury (Magyar Államkincstár).

Rentals and Utilities

Rental agreements (bérleti szerz?dés) vary greatly from agent to agent and from landlord to landlord. Landlords should be informed of the intention to leave within the time agreed in the terms of the lease contract. In order for the security deposit to be returned the property should be left in the same condition as it was initially found. An inventory check is carried out and repairs should be made to anything damaged while living in the property.

The utility contracts are often in the tenant's name and have to be changed. The usual process is that the landlord and the tenant make a record of the meter reading by writing down the address, the exact meter reading and the date for the gas, water and electricity. This should then be signed by two witnesses. The tenant should keep one copy of all the documents issued by the utility companies (gas, water, electricity) to prove that the move was registered.

Post forwarding is a paid service and should be requested in person at a post office.

  • To download the request form: Click here (PDF in Hungarian)

Telephone, mobile and television

In most cases both landline and cable TV are supplied by the same company. These companies normally require eight days’ notice for the termination of a contract, which should be carried out in writing or in person. Note: most of these companies require at least a one year contract and a penalty charge is issued if the contract is terminated earlier.


Schools and kindergartens need to be notified in advance so that the necessary paperwork and examination certificates can be issued. Hungarian state schools can only issue report cards in Hungarian.


Doctors and dentists do not need to be notified, but the local custom is to visit or call to say goodbye. The results of any medical examinations and x-rays can also be collected to take to the new practitioner. Some dentists use digital imaging which can easily be forwarded.


Dogs have to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies in Hungary, which is the main requirement for pet travel. The EU pet passport allows dogs, cats and ferrets to freely cross borders within Europe. Only a licensed vet may issue the passport, and vaccinations should be kept current by the vet.

  • For further information about travelling with a pet see the Moving Pets section