Residency: EU Citizens

Understand the residency rules for European Union (EU) citizens moving to Hungary to live and work...

EU citizens and spouses of Hungarian citizens do not need a residence visa (Tartózkodási engedély). However, EU citizens do have to apply for a Registration Card (Regisztrációs kártya) and an Address Card (Lakcímkártya) if their stay exceeds three months.

Applications for a Registration Card are submitted to the Office of Immigration and Nationality in the place of residence. The following documents are required in support of an application:

  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of employment or
  • Proof that the applicant can cover their own and their family's costs during their stay in Hungary

The Registration Card is generally issued on the spot and is valid for an indefinite period or until the holder leaves Hungary permanently or for a long period. The Address Card is sent to the applicant's home within two weeks.

Non-EU family members of EU citizens must also apply for a residency permit if their stay is to exceed three months. They must apply within 90 days of arrival in Hungary. The permit is valid for up to five years.

  • For information about applying for the residency permit: Click here

EU citizens and their family members are entitled to permanent stay in Hungary after a period of five years, and may apply for a permanent residence permit at the Office of Immigration and Nationality.