Residency: Non EU Citizens

Find out about the visas and permits required for non-EU citizens coming to Hungary to live or work...

All non-EU citizens require a residence visa (Tartózkodási engedély) to live and work in Hungary.

A residence permit must be applied for at the local Office of Immigration and Nationality if the person plans to stay in Hungary for over 90 days. Non-EU citizens have to apply in person within 90 days or before their visa expires to receive their final Schengen Residence Permit and to arrange Address Registration.

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A Residence Permit or Registration Card gives the foreign citizen the right both to reside in and to travel to and from Hungary. Together with an Address Registration Card it acts as documentation for legal residence. A prospective employer usually helps with or arranges the paperwork.

The following documents are required in support of an application:

  • One passport-size colour photograph (not older than six months)
  • Valid passport
  • Rental agreement or title deeds of ownership of a property
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of income

Fingerprints of all applicants aged six years and over are taken. Other documents may be requested depending on the reason for stay.

There is a fee for the residence permit application. Generally, the regional directorate of the Office for Immigration and Nationality processes the application within 30 days.

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After five years of continuous residency non-EU nationals may apply for permanent residence.

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Residence permit renewal

Residence permits must be renewed at least 30 days before the expiry of the permit at the local Office for Immigration and Nationality. A valid residence visa is required to renew the permit.

Non-EU citizens with permanent residency status in another EU country

If a non-EU citizen is permanently resident in another Schengen Zone country, then the process of establishing residence in Hungary is simplified, but it does not necessarily lead to automatic permanent residence status in Hungary.

Residence procedures depend on the type of permit, and also the legal reason of stay for which the permit was issued, for example employment, reunification of family members.

Residence permit for students

Non-EU citizens who wish to study in Hungary are required to apply for a residency permit for the purpose of studying. The following documents are needed in support of an application:

  • Documentation detailing prospective accommodation
  • Proof of financial support
  • School examination certificates
  • Proof of ability to study in the language of the course
  • All inclusive health insurance
  • Existing provisions to leave the country
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